Day 29 – Film Scene – #AprilArtChallenge

I decided from the start that the setting for the arachnophobia light box was going to be a movie set. I wanted it to have some movie set elements, like a camera, a light, and the x to mark the spot where the actress was supposed to stand. However, I also needed to create the background base to house the set of the movie.

The first step was creating the base. I decided on a blue (teal-ish) paper to be the background walls and brown for the floor. I constructed those, added a bit of marker to give them a bit of texture, and then put them together. I added some wall trimming to separate the two and make it look more like a room.

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Day 27 – Wounded – #AprilArtChallenge

For this challenge, I wanted to have the wounded people be outside the window. The wounded would be victims of the voodoo witch’s wrath.

I knew these characters would be super tiny, so that would be somewhat of a challenge. I wanted each one of them to be connected to one of the elements. So I made someone who was drowning, someone who was falling off a tree, someone who was burning in their house, and someone else who was blowing in the wind.

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