Day 27 – Wounded – #AprilArtChallenge

For this challenge, I wanted to have the wounded people be outside the window. The wounded would be victims of the voodoo witch’s wrath.

I knew these characters would be super tiny, so that would be somewhat of a challenge. I wanted each one of them to be connected to one of the elements. So I made someone who was drowning, someone who was falling off a tree, someone who was burning in their house, and someone else who was blowing in the wind.

Although they were very simple designs cut from black cardstock paper, it was difficult to cut the tiny people.

To add to the feel of the witch getting her vengeance, I also decided to add the witch’s face to the moon. I simply cut out the eyes and a mouth out of red vellum paper and attached them to the moon.

It was all a very simple design, but I think the small additions added to the overall piece.

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