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PictureMy name is Cynthia De La Torre and I love all things weird, whimsical, and magical. My favorite time of year is Halloween – my home is covered in Halloween decor year-round. It’s a strange obsession, but I love the magic and whimsy of Halloween.

I’ve loved pretending and imagining the impossible, since I was a small child. I spent countless hours making up stories and imagining worlds that only existed in my mind. It’s wonderful to be able to bring those characters and worlds to life through my stories and cut paper art illustrations. And more than anything, I love being able to share my OWN Voice and my unique perspective on life.

As a Mexican-American girl growing up, I did not see many characters that looked like me or shared my experiences. I yearned for books with characters I could see myself in. It saddened me to think people like myself didn’t have valuable stories to tell or positive contributions to make. I hope to change that perception, through my books, for other minority children that are growing up now.