Day 21 – Voodoo – #AprilArtChallenge

This prompt was extremely time consuming. Nonetheless, I expected that to be the case, since it was meant to be the setting for one of the six light boxes I am creating for the April Art Challenge.

I knew I wanted to create a voodoo witch’s house and that I wanted it to have a lot of voodoo things inside of it. The first step consisted of making the base and cutting out the areas that would have an area I wanted to glow. I first cut out the window area then the fireplace area.

I then created the frame for the window and the floorboards. I cut the floorboards separately and then colored them with marker and glued them on the area where they would go. It was like putting together a puzzle. I also colored the frame of the window with marker.

The next step was creating the fireplace. The base of the fireplace was pretty simple. The more tedious part was the top part of the chimney. I drew the stone pieces, colored them with marker, cut them out, and glued them on the base. I also made sure to color the base of the chimney black, before gluing the stones. I used the old fire from the “poisonous” challenge, because I already had the fire made and I hadn’t had the opportunity to use it for the cave witch’s light box.

I then proceeded to work on the curtains. The curtains were made out of red vellum paper. I added folds with brown marker. I also added a green top part (not sure on the name) and I colored that with marker as well.

The final step was creating the individual voodoo pieces. I wanted them to be scattered all over the place and for some of them to have a glow. Those were pretty simple to make, just a bit time consuming. For the bottles with shrunken heads, I cut a hole in the back. I didn’t do a great job, so I plan on remaking those. I also made a little voodoo doll for the witch to hold.

I love creating the settings of my pieces. What’s your favorite component to work on in your art pieces?

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