Day 22 – Four Elements – #AprilArtChallenge

The prompt for today was pretty straightforward and easy to do. My initial intention was to create a chaotic scene outside with the whole town burning, while being flooded and having high speed winds. However, once I began working on it, it morphed into a somewhat pleasant town with a slight bit of chaos.

The first thing I did was measure the window’s height and width. I then cut out a piece of blue vellum paper that was a bit larger than the window. After that I began cutting out the separate little pieces. I used cardstock paper for almost everything except the houses’ windows, the water, the boat’s sails, the wind, and the sun.

I glued down most of the pieces and taped down some of the velum pieces that would be altered with excessive glue.

There are still some changes I want to make to the outdoor scene to make it stand out more and fit in with the story a bit better, but I will get to that.

Only eight more prompts and the April Art Challenge will be done!

Have you ever been part of a monthly art challenge? What was your experience like?

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