Day 25 – Undead – #AprilArtChallenge

My original intent was to have one of the characters from the video game be coming out of the TV screen, but the 80’s video game zombies looked too cheesy for the look I was going for (refer to picture below). Therefore, I decided to remove that screen and have a blank screen with a black figure trying to get out of the TV – and part of it actually succeeding.

I began by removing the green picture (with the zombies and the tree) and then proceeded to work on a figure on black cardstock paper. I wanted him to be fairly large and to have one of his hands pressed against the screen, while the other one would be poking out. I then cut out the figure and taped it to the back of the original clear screen, before gluing it down, to see if I liked the way it looked and what parts should be glued down. I decided I would only glue down the hand to let the rest of him seem a bit further away.

I then worked on the hand that would be poking out. I cut it out, and taped it over the clear vellum paper, but under the TV frame. I curled the hand and fingers a bit to make them look more realistic. I also added blood with vellum paper dripping down the TV. I really love the way that character turned out.

I then began working on the undead individual in the cabinet. From the start, I knew I just wanted a hand poking out with blood dripping from it. I simply drew a hand, cut it out, and colored it with colored pencils. I then taped it to the cabinet to make sure I liked the way it looked. I decided I wanted it to be highlighted more, by adding light seeping out of the cabinet. Therefore, I cut out a hole and added several layers of red vellum paper to the back. I also added a puddle of blood right below the hand.

Both these pieces were extremely simple and easy, but they really added to the creepy vibe of the piece.

Do you know what the whole story of your art project will be before you start?

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