Day 29 – Film Scene – #AprilArtChallenge

I decided from the start that the setting for the arachnophobia light box was going to be a movie set. I wanted it to have some movie set elements, like a camera, a light, and the x to mark the spot where the actress was supposed to stand. However, I also needed to create the background base to house the set of the movie.

The first step was creating the base. I decided on a blue (teal-ish) paper to be the background walls and brown for the floor. I constructed those, added a bit of marker to give them a bit of texture, and then put them together. I added some wall trimming to separate the two and make it look more like a room.

I then moved on to the camera. The camera was a super simple design. I cut out the main shape and then decided what parts I wanted to be protruding out and cut those sections out too. I then glued on the extra pieces to the parts of the camera that I wanted to be protruding more, to the top of the camera. I then went over some parts with a silver marker and topped it all off with a bit of colored pencil.

I then moved on to the light. The light was pretty much the same process as the camera, with one minor difference, the light needed a light component. To achieve that, I cut out a circle and added 3 layers of yellow vellum paper behind the camera.

The last little piece was a blue x to the floor, to give it more of a movie element.

I also added a few more props to add to the story, but those will be talked about when I write my blog about this particular light box overall. That blog should be up sometime this week. Stay tuned!

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