B-Movie Star in Arachnophobia Horror Movie

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The story

After having her 15 minutes of fame, Amelia was over the moon. She was finally where she belonged. She had always known she was a star and better than everyone else.

But, as it happens, people soon lost interest. It didn’t help that she was talentless and rude.

The movie roles stopped coming. She was dead broke, so, she did what all B-Movie Stars do, she caved in and stared in a low budget horror film.

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Day 29 – Film Scene – #AprilArtChallenge

I decided from the start that the setting for the arachnophobia light box was going to be a movie set. I wanted it to have some movie set elements, like a camera, a light, and the x to mark the spot where the actress was supposed to stand. However, I also needed to create the background base to house the set of the movie.

The first step was creating the base. I decided on a blue (teal-ish) paper to be the background walls and brown for the floor. I constructed those, added a bit of marker to give them a bit of texture, and then put them together. I added some wall trimming to separate the two and make it look more like a room.

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