Day 13 – Superstition – #AprilArtChallenge

I decided to make a little boy doing something bad that would cause a superstitious event to occur. He would be painting (or attempting to paint) on an art wall in order to look cool. However, as superstition has it, anyone who paints over those walls, will feel the wrath of the artist who made the original street art.

I went in thinking that this one would be a really easy one and that I would finish it in a few minutes. Unfortunately, I was terribly mistaken.

It began simply enough, I sketched out the little boy and cut him out to use him as a reference for the clothes and body parts.

Once the boy was completed, I was not pleased with the way his face turned out at all, so I decided to make another face and head.

I ended up with this little boy. I was still not completely satisfied with the look of him, so I decided to make another little boy that would be facing forward. I always struggle with making faces in profile view, so I thought this would improve the look of the boy. Nonetheless, when I finished the other little boy, I was even less pleased, so I decided to keep this little boy – in the end, he grew on me. However, I still plan on correcting some of the mistakes I made with him and adding more details.

I also made a paintbrush and a paint bucket and attached them with tape to the light box.

How often do you find yourself second guessing your work? What do you do about it?

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