Day 14 – Video Game – #AprilArtChallenge

Today’s challenge was a bit difficult. I knew I couldn’t create the onscreen video game, without creating the TV, which is meant to be part of another prompt. But it was also easy in that it would be a fast one, allowing me to add more details to the bedroom (formerly known as a living room).

I didn’t take pictures of my process for this one, because there was nothing new or innovative about the way I created the pieces.

I first began working on the TV stand that would house the video console. That was simple enough to create. The most complicated part was figuring out the angles to make sure it looked realistic.

I then worked on the Nintendo console box, which was a bit complicated because of how small it is. It was simple enough, nonetheless. Then I made the controller, which was also a bit difficult to get all the details. I also made the video games. Those were super easy.

I worked on the lamp next. The lamp was also pretty basic and easy to make. I am pleased with the way it glows, like a real lamp does. To get that glow, I simply cut a small hole in the wall to allow light to come in through just that area and make it appear like the light bulb is lit up – I also made a light bulb..

I made a picture frame, that would go over the dresser drawers. I was originally going to make it into a photograph, but I soon realized that would be too hard to create and probably not worth all the work. So I opted to turn it into a drawing made by the kids that live in that room.

Finally, I updated the curtains a bit, to give them a bit more detail and texture. I cut another layer of pink semi-transparent paper for the sides and added lines in purple marker, to make them look like the folds of curtains.

In the end I was very pleased with how everything came together. I know that once it has all the elements in place, it will be one of my favorite shadow boxes.

Are you pretty good when it comes to adding a lot of detail to small surface areas?

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