Day 7 – Tentacles – #AprilArtChallenge

Today’s challenge was pretty simple and easy to complete. Mostly because the tentacles won’t be a huge part of the overall piece – the actual sewer hole is about the size of a quarter.

I wanted to try something a little bit different and have the tentacles coming up and out of a sewer hole. I am so happy with the look I achieved. I know it will look great in the finished light box.

I began by deciding on the size of the overall piece and then sketching out the sewer hole, and sketching out the separate components of the piece. I then colored the tentacles with colored pencil and then cut them out with my craft knife.

I proceeded to create the sewer hole lid and I cut out the little openings then colored the sewer lid and hole with markers.

Once I had all the pieces, I glued the tentacles to the hole and began curling them up at different angles. Then, to top it all off, I glued on the lid. It was a super simple design, but I think it will work out great in the light box creation I have in mind.

Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of this piece in the different development phases. Mostly because it seemed pretty self explanatory.

Do you enjoy working on the small details of your art pieces?

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