Day 8 – 1980’s – #AprilArtChallenge

This challenge was a lot more time consuming than some of the others, but I expected that since it was one of the main sets from the 6 light boxes I will be creating during this month.

To create this backdrop, I knew I wanted to use different textures and patterns to give the piece a bit more of an authentic look. I chose a patterned piece of paper as a wall paper accent wall and I used felt paper for the carpet. To top it all off, and give it more of an 80’s look, I added paneled wood pieces to one of the walls. I simply cut out brown cardstock paper in long thin pieces and colored them in with marker. The creation of those components was pretty simple. I also added molding to give it more of a real feel.

The next step was creating the cabinet. I wanted it to be a really simple wood cabinet that would have the middle doors open to show VCR tapes (I didn’t get around to creating the tapes just yet). I used a few layers to give the piece more of a three dimensional look, and made tiny hinges for the drawers that were meant to open.

I added foam board to the back of the cabinet so that it would be more separate create more of a shadow effect.

The last part I worked on for this piece was the window. I began by creating a simple squared window and coloring it with marker. I then added blue semi-transparent paper to the back (3 layers) with a moon shape cut out in the two back layers. I replaced those circle cut outs with yellow paper. I also pierced in some holes, to make it look like stars and added some simple curtains with semi-transparent paper.

Once the piece is finished, it will definitely have more of an 80’s feel to it. For now, I am happy with the way it looks and I’m excited to see the finished product.

Do you prefer the beginning, middle, or end of an art project? Which part do you find the most enjoyable?

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