Day 9 – Phobia – #AprilArtChallenge

The creation of this doll was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. Mostly because I decided to create an animation that would show arachnophobia and that required changing the eyes, mouth, eyebrows and arms. (Scroll all the way down to watch the animation.)

Per usual, I began by sketching out the shape of the body. I wanted the character to be a bit fuller . Once I had the body, arms and head, I cut them out and then used the body to trace out the shape of the dress.

I cut out the dress shape and then used the head to create the hair.

After that, I created more layers of hair, and then glued them onto the head. I also made holes for the eyes and the mouth.

Once I had all my pieces cut out, I added details with marker to the dress, face, body, and hair. I also cut out a piece of white paper and a piece of black paper. The white one was for the eyes and the black for the mouth. I drew in the eyes, some starring forward and another pair that was cross-eyed.

I created eyebrows and lips out of paper. The lips were really complicated because of how small they are. I made three different sets of lips to correspond with the emotions the character would be feeling. (See pictures below.)

I then took five different pictures – trying to show the progression of the spider and the women’s reaction.

At some point, I do plan on making an animated short that will be a lot more thought out and professional looking. That’s definitely on my art bucket list.

Watch the video below.

What’s on your art bucket list?

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