Day 10 – Lunch – #AprilArtChallenge

For this prompt, I decided early on that it would take part in the light box with the queen.

It was clear that in order for each daily challenge to be successful, I would have to have something separate to create for each day that represented the prompt of the day. Some were harder to come up with than others. This one was one of the easier ones.

I began by deciding on the style of the table, then sketching it out. I decided I wanted a lot of layers to give it more dimensionality. I think for some future creations, I need to add a bit of extra padding between the layers to give them even more dimension.

I then colored the different layers with marker. I used a gold marker for some of the accent pieces. I thought the gold foil look would be perfect for this challenge since it deals with royalty. I even went back and colored the queen’s crown with the gold marker.

Then I began working on the chair. The chair was a lot simpler since the queen would be sitting on it, so there was no point in adding tons of detail.

After coloring the different pieces with marker I decided they needed a bit more shading, so I added some shading with colored pencils. The colored pencils helped a lot, especially in getting rid of the gold line on the table that was where it shouldn’t be. For some reason, coloring in marker did nothing.

The next step was to create the plate with the heart and the wine glass with blood. I decided to use vellum paper for the heart and glass of blood and test it out. It was so much easier to work with than the semi-transparent paper I’ve been using, but it definitely has a different look. I think I still prefer the semi-transparent paper for backgrounds and eyes, although, I’ll have to test vellum paper a bit more to make my final decision. Regardless, I’ll probably use both for future creations.

I really like the way the pieces look together, especially once the queen is sitting on her throne eating the cut up heart. I think this will be one of my favorite light boxes out of the 6 I will be creating this month for the April Art Challenges. We’ll have to see.

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