Day 11 – Dice – #AprilArtChallenge

When I was pairing up the different prompts to come up with 6 different light boxes, I had no idea what I would do for dice. I couldn’t picture adding a pair of dice to any of my scenes – it just didn’t make sense. Therefore, I decided to use the verb form of the word and incorporate it into the little queen’s world.

I needed to figure out what element I would add to bring this word to life, I decided on a butler that dices up the queen’s food. Originally, the butler was just going to look like an ordinary man, but I thought that might be too boring, so I decided to turn him into the devil.

I am thinking I might change the devil’s face a bit, but I’ll decide that after I have the next layer in place. What I love about paper art is that it is ever evolving and I can change certain aspects, if they don’t fit in with the story or vision I had in my head. The best part is that I can do it and make it look a lot more seamless than if I were working on an drawing or painting.

For the devil character, I decided he would have a suit. I began by drawing and cutting out all the different layers of the suit. I wanted it to have a lot of dimension, like I do with all my pieces.

After I had all the pieces, I began gluing them together and then started working on the the head, arms, and shirt. I added details to the face and then proceeded to work on his tray with finger foods and on the knife to dice the queen’s food.

The final step was to add all the details with marker and colored pencils to the whole devil.

When do you decide to redo certain parts of your art pieces? How often do you do it?

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