Witch’s Cave

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The Story

Helga caught her sister, Olga, with her lover, Señor Esqueleto. This always happened to her.

To get back at both of them she transformed her sister into a frog and used her as part of the ingredients for her poison stew.
Poor Señor Esqueleto . . .

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Day 5 – Witchy – #AprilArtChallenge

From the start, I decided I wanted the witch to have a traditional but comical look. I didn’t want her to be beautiful by any means.

I first drew the dress and hat on black cardstock paper. I made sure to keep the dimensions in mind. After I had the dress and hat done, I cut them out and then used that as reference to draw the hand, the legs, and the head.


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Day 1 – Amphibians – #AprilArtChallenge

As part of the April Art Challenge, I decided to blog every day about my little creations. These blogs will provide a bit more background info on the process and the idea behind them. They will be short, but hopefully insightful. 🙂

Day one’s prompt is “amphibian”. I decided to create two little toads out of paper. I wanted to give the pieces a more three dimensional look, so I created a lot of layers. I think the bigger toad was more successful.

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