90 Day Art Challenge Paper Art Update (Jan 13 – Jan 26)

These past two weeks were a bit harder to complete, simply because life got in the way. My two year old got sick with the stomach flu and required a lot of attention (my husband was out of town when that happened as well). But I managed to work on paper art pretty much every day and learn more about the medium in the process.

Day 13 – January 13, 2018


I didn’t have enough time to work on the challenge today, so I didn’t complete very much, but what I did complete, I think made the piece a lot better. I added the bottom floorboards to the shadowbox and I added a foam back frame to the boy character to make him sturdier when placed in the shadowbox.


Day 14 – January 14, 2018

I added the top side boards and the top board to make it more three dimensional and I also made the back frame for the Tree Woman.

Day 15 – January 15, 2018

I worked on the Tree woman’s face, by shaping it a bit more. I also made a headscarf for her, which took much too long to make. I made about five attempts and none of them seemed right. Now I just need to add the details. I also fixed the bottom right side of the wall part to make it look more angled and make the bottom part of the floor fit in with the rest of the image.

Day 16 – January 16, 2018

I worked on the Tree Woman’s face today. I’m not completely convinced I like the look of it, but I think it will work.

Day 17 – January 17, 2018

I worked on the woman’s headdress and her face a bit more. It still gave me difficulties. I am not 100% pleased how the headdress turned out. I feel like adding color to it, made it look bad, but I’ll know for next time. I also added a few folds to the dress.

Day 18 – January 18, 2018

I finished the light box. I added more detail to the clothing folds and the arms and branches on the Tree Woman. I also made her some simple shoes. I attached the Tree Woman to her base and to the box. I am pleased with the end result, but I know I can make something better.

Day 21 – January 21, 2018

I skipped the last two days, but made up for it today by working on this for over an hour and a half. I began working on a new light box idea that I’m really excited about. For this project I wanted to try and implement the silhouette technique which is found in more traditional paper art. It doesn’t look like I did much, but getting the transparent sheets the right size ended up being more complicated than I thought.

Day 22 – January 22, 2018

I worked on the main tombstone today. I simply worked on the shape and added a few more layers to it to give it a bit more three-dimensionality. For this new shadow box, I am trying to add more layers of paper. For this one, I did use markers to give the tombstone a bit more depth and to try something a bit different.

Day 23 – January 23, 2018

I worked on the details of the tombstone some more. I added the words and added a few more layers at the bottom and at the center to give it even more depth. I also added a bit more with the brush markers. So far, I am pleased with the way this is turning out.

Day 24 – January 24, 2018

I began working on the shape and idea for the grandmother. I decided she would be the deceased (aka calaca) character. I didn’t want her to be the traditional skinny calaca, so I decided to make her a bit more broad. I also plan on adding some ghost-like elements to her.

Day 25 – January 25, 2018

I continued working on the calaca. I added the dress and some details to her face. I also added a transparent white paper above the body to make a ghost/calaca character.

Day 26 – January 26, 2018

I worked on the ghost/calaca character a bit more. I added more details to her dress and more to her eyes (adding those tiny details has been time consuming, but it will give the piece more texture). I also updated the shape of her body to give it a more ghost-like feel. And I added a little ghost tail to the tombstone. I might change the transparent paper to another type of transparent paper, but I’m still debating that.


I really like the direction I’m taking for this new piece. I like that I am focusing on adding more layers of paper to the different pieces in order to give them depth and texture. I took a lot of cues by looking at other paper artists’ and seeing what techniques I liked and trying to implement them into my own work.

Hopefully, the next two weeks will go more smoothly so that I can get a lot more work done and create pieces that are even better.

Stay tuned!

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