Queen of Hearts

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The Story

Don’t be fooled by the Queen’s youthful and somewhat innocent appearance. A few years back, at the age of 87, she made a terrible pact with the devil. He would restore her youth, health and beauty in exchange for her soul. She agreed instantly, before realizing that the secret ingredient to being young again was eating the hearts of her dead relatives.

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90 Day Art Challenge Paper Art Update (Feb 10 – 23)

The previous two weeks were so hectic, that I did not have a chance to complete the challenge every day, but I did make up the time that I was missing by making other days longer. I was also not able to post the update blog (that’s why it’s a week late). But things are back on track.

For the last two weeks, I continued working on the Day of the Dead themed shadow box. I continued trying to use more layers on the different characters in order to make them more three-dimensional and to make them more like real people look (but in paper form). I am so pleased with the results.

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