Book Review – The Wonderful Things You Will Be


  1. Summary – The book is told from the perspective of a parent as he/she imagines all the wonderful things their child will grow up to be. The narrator wonders if their child will be musical, artistic, loving, clever, or nurturing, among other things. The ultimate message is that regardless of what or who they become, they will always be loved by their parents.

  1. Bestseller’s Lists or Awards – 46 weeks on The New York Times Bestsellers List for Children’s Picture Books (as of August 12th 2016).
  2. Themes – Following dreams, unconditional love, individuality, growing up, being unique and special
  3. Age Range – 3 to 7 Year Olds
  4. Author/IllustratorEmily Winfield Martin
  5. PublisherRandom House Children’s Books, a division of Random House LLC, a Penguin Random House Company.
  6. Year Published – 2015
  7. Original Retail Price – $17.99 for Hardcover Book
  8. Number of Pages – 36
  9. Word Count – 206 total words. 6 words per page average.
  10. Complexity of Story – The author uses simple language, meant for younger children. The words seem to come to life with the help of the beautiful and creative illustrations.
  11. P.O.V. – It is told from a parent’s perspective.
  12. Dialogue? – There is no dialogue in this story.
  13. Rhyming? – There is simple rhyming schemes.
  14. What Makes it Special? – The theme is a pretty traditional children’s picture book theme; however, the images bring the words to life. They are beautiful, colorful, sweet, and imaginative. They also show different children from different ethnic backgrounds – which is always a plus.
  15. What I like about this book? – I love the message of allowing our kids to be who they are meant to be and follow their dreams. It is wonderful that it shows a parent’s unconditional love. The artwork is absolutely beautiful and it makes this book stand out. The depiction of the children is quirky and fun and it perfectly represents the whimsy of being a child.

Thank you for reading my book review. The purpose of these reviews is to break down and analyze bestselling and award winning books. It is crucial for writers and illustrators, that wish to be published, to do homework on what books are currently being sold and garnering awards. I hope to figure out what makes these books special and what attributes they share. I hope you will find this review helpful.

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