Book Review – Last Stop on Market Street

Last-Stop-MedalsSummary – Every Sunday after church, CJ and his grandmother take the bus to Market Street. CJ is not too thrilled and he asks his grandmother why they have to wait for the bus in the rain, why they don’t have a car, why they always have to go to Market Street after church, among other complains. His grandmother manages to explain things to CJ in a new way and have him see the beauty in everything. It is a very heartwarming story and a great insight on how to raise children that empathize and appreciate the everything they have.

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Book Review – The Day the Crayons Quit

  1. imagesSummary – One day in class, Duncan receives a stack of letters from each of his 12 crayons. They each explain why they are on the verge of quitting and what types of pictures they wish they would be used to draw and color, instead of the typical choices they are often used for. It is told in a very comical way and in the end there is a compromise and happy ending.

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Book Review – The Wonderful Things You Will Be


  1. Summary – The book is told from the perspective of a parent as he/she imagines all the wonderful things their child will grow up to be. The narrator wonders if their child will be musical, artistic, loving, clever, or nurturing, among other things. The ultimate message is that regardless of what or who they become, they will always be loved by their parents.

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