Podcasts I Am Listening To (As of 8/15/16)

podcastsHere is a list of podcasts I have been listening to these past few weeks:

The Guardian’s Children’s Books Podcast – I have only listened to a few of these podcasts, but so far I have found them very inspirational and informative.

The Picturebooking Podcast – I have listened to quite a few of the episodes. I really like this podcast because it goes in depth and talks about the children’s book industry, different aspects of the authors/illustrators’ lives and interests, and what led them to choose children’s books as a career.

SCBWI Podcasts – To listen to this podcast you have to be a SCBWI member (it’s one of the perks of being a member). I would really recommend it if you are a member or if you haven’t yet signed up.

What blogs have you been listening to? When do you like listening to blogs?

As I listen to more episodes and more podcasts, I will add more information and update any particular episodes or podcasts that I think stand out and provide the most wealth of knowledge.

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