Art Inspiration of the Month – Su Blackwell

Now that I’ve been working with cut paper as an art medium for the last five months or so, I feel an even bigger desire to learn more and keep improving. I’ve been looking at more experienced cut paper artists for inspiration so that I can see what’s possible to make with paper art.

One artist whose work I keep going back to is Su Blackwell’s. She’s an absolutely amazing paper artist who transforms books and paper into works of art. Works of art that awaken our inner child and make us imagine worlds that exist only in our wildest fantasies.

Su works predominantly with paper and books. Many of her paper sculptures are of outdoor scenes with beautiful trees.

Not only do Su’s beautiful paper art sculptures inspire me to imagine amazing worlds, but her work also lets me see the possibilities that can be created using paper, our imagination, and a lot of talent.

I have included some of my favorite pieces by Su. Please make sure you check out her work. I can’t wait to see all the new amazing pieces she creates.

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