Monster House Light Box

Haunted Monster House

As Pickles, the Goblin, got ready for her hot date with the Werewolf, Mr. Suave (as he insisted on being called), she received another foreboding message from their haunted toilet. Betsy, her paranoid roommate, ran into the restroom and pulled on the handle much too hard, causing a creature to crawl out.
Unlike Pickles, she did not think their toilet was full of s##t. She believed all it’s messages. Especially when it spoke poorly of the male species.
Betsy hated all males. As you may have guessed, she tragically died on her wedding day. Someone pushed her down a flight of stairs, breaking her neck. She always suspected it was her hubby-to-be. Now she waits by the restroom fearing what will come out of the toilet next.
Will Pickles listen to the toilet? Will Betsy ever believe in love again? And has Mr. Suave the Woolfman gained more than 3 Instagram followers? Who knows.
This light box was created during Drawlloween 2018.

Play video to see lights in action.

Sound was added to video for haunted toilet effect.

DIY – Cardboard (Haunted) House

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 10.56.10 AM

Imagining WorldsAs a child, I loved pretend play. I loved imagining myself traveling to fantastical worlds that existed in my imagination or in the books I read and movies I saw. There was nothing more magical than having a large cardboard box and turning it into my retreat, where I could conjure up more fantasies. I decided I would share my love of cardboard houses with my son, but adding my own twist to it of course.

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