#AprilArtChallenge Completed

Now that the April Art Challenge is done with, I am amazed with the amount of work I was able to produce in one month. Previous to this challenge, I was completing approximately one light box a month. Completing two light boxes seemed like an impossible task, let alone six.

I am also thrilled with how much I learned in the process and the progress I made from the first light box to the last.

I definitely plan on making many more light boxes and figuring out new ways to show light in a more seamless and innovative way.

I want to explore more worlds and bring not only creepy scenes to life, but also scenes that are more whimsical and innocent in nature. I am excited to see what new techniques I use and what worlds I create.

You can learn more about each light box by clicking on the titles. All light boxes are up for sale. You can find them on my Etsy Shop.

The Witch’s Cave

Queen of Hearts

Sister Sister

Octopus Monster Street Art

Voodoo Witch Gets Revenge

B-Movie Star in Arachnophobia Horror Movie

My next big plans with paper art and light boxes is to create more animated videos and to illustrate an entire picture book by making paper art light boxes. Stay tuned.

If there are any particular themes you’d like to see from me, write it down in the comment section. I might just be inspired and choose to create a light box using that theme.

Make sure you check back and follow me on Instagram (@WhimsicalStoryBooks) to get sneak peeks, updates, and opportunities to win some of my art.

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