Books of the Week – Quest & Otto The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear

51uek3gw6il-_sx357_bo1204203200_My selection for originality in writing this week was Tomi Ungerer‘s “Otto The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear“. The book tells the story of a little bear that is given as a birthday gift to a young boy. His life starts out great, he spends all of his time with David (the boy who owns him) and his best friend Oskar. Their happiness does not last however, Oskar and his family are taken away in trucks, along with the rest of the Jewish families. David gifts Otto to Oskar. In the process of the war, Oskar loses Otto. Otto is found by an American soldier who uses him as a shield, when a bullet almost strikes his heart. Eventually Otto ends up in America where he miraculously is reunited with Oskar and David.

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