Art Inspiration of the Month – Sarah Dennis

As part of my 90 Day Art Challenge, I decided it would be vital to look at other artists’ work to see the amazing things they’ve achieved with their chosen medium. The goal is not to be as amazing at the craft as they are, after the 90 day period, but to see what is possible with continual work and practice (and lots of patience).

When doing research on paper artists, I found so many talented individuals, but one that stood out amongst the rest was Sarah Dennis (click on her name to check out her website).

I was inspired by her beautiful and flowy paper designs. There is so much magic and character in each of her pieces. It’s remarkable to think that she is able to create so much detail and depth by simply using paper and a craft knife. There is movement in each one of her pieces. They are like little stories unfolding before our eyes.

Sarah combines paper cutting with collage to create her beautiful scenes. Below you will find some more of Sarah’s pieces (and some of my favorite).

Who are your favorite paper artists?

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